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Dual paddles (7)
Single paddles (2)
Hand keys
Paddles for QRP (2)
For your shack (3)
Gifts for friends (2)
01.CT 755 X
02.CT 599MX
03.3D nameplate (your callsign)
04.CT 755 B
05.CT 599MB
06.Callsign engraving
07.CT Europe X
08.Illuminated personal tag
09.CT 73 MX
10.CT 73 MB
Making the keys
Our Keys in HAMs shacks
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 Illuminated personal tag
Illuminated personal tag
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 CT 73 MX CT 73 MX
 Illuminated personal tag Illuminated personal tag
 CT755 MB-L CT755 MB-L
 CT73 MB-L CT73 MB-L
 CT Europe X CT Europe X***out of stock***
 Illuminated tag (BMW) Illuminated tag (BMW)
 CT 755 X CT 755 X***out of stock***
 CT 599MB CT 599MB
 Illuminated tag (Mersedes) Illuminated tag (Mersedes)
 CT 73 MB CT 73 MB
 CT 755 B CT 755 B
 plastic paddles (2 pcs) plastic paddles (2 pcs)
 Eridan MX Eridan MX
 CT 599MX CT 599MX
 3D nameplate (your callsign) 3D nameplate (your callsign)
 Callsign engraving Callsign engraving
Sub-Total: $2,333

Products marked with ***out of stock*** dont exist in desired quantity in our stock.
You can buy them anyway and check the quantity we have in stock for immediate deliver in the checkout process.
Please contact me before payment.
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Sub-Total: $2,333
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Total: $2,333
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2 x CT 73 MX
2 x Illuminated personal tag
2 x CT755 MB-L
2 x CT73 MB-L
1 x CT Europe X
2 x Illuminated tag (BMW)
1 x CT 755 X
1 x CT 599MB
2 x Illuminated tag (Mersedes)
1 x CT 73 MB
1 x CT 755 B
1 x plastic paddles (2 pcs)
1 x Eridan MX
1 x CT 599MX
1 x 3D nameplate (your callsign)
1 x Callsign engraving
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 CT 73 MX
Thanks dear Yuri for this nice work !! Congratulations .Yo ..
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