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...another great paddle ! Time owned: 0 to 3 months
...sweet machine (CT599 Chrome) ! ...I had just acquired the CT73 from Yury about a month ago and posted my eHam review (me LIKE = 5)...I thought I would try the CT599 next !...the first thing I noticed was the key was well packed and the shipping box WAS NOT "dog earred"...it arrived in "fresh condition"...that was good...

...unpacked the CT599, again the internal packing was substantial...prior to installing on the radio, I did a few "clicks and clacks"...the 599 had a very precise feel, very smooth bearing tension and a nice sounding "clicks" ( but a bit different from the CT73)...some paddles have "clicks" and some "clacks"...the 599 was a delicate "click"...me like !

...the 599 also had the fine thread adjustment screws and a nice chrome finish...the contact spacing and the magnet spacing were a breeze to set...as the 599 does not have a top bearing support bar I checked for vertical play on the contact arms...NO vertical play...I am pleased...

...plugged the 599 into the radio, and as expected the code generated was as perfect as I can send...in fact, the settings from the manufacturer were near to my preference (contact spacing about the width of a single sheet of paper and the magnetic return required mimimal pressure)

...all in all, the 599 feels like a finely machined product ( as did the CT73) as opposed to a mass manufactured device...the difference of feel is suttle, but the 599 feels "machined" and ever so slightly different from the CT73...

...at the current price point (approx. $150 US) I rate the CT599 as a great value and a true "top shelf" product...me LIKE !!!!

...and I suppose the next question would be my preference of the 73 or the 599 ????...tough question...

...I guess thats' why I bought BOTH...enjoy !!!
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